Main development steps

Here's a short summary of major milestones in FloMembers.


  • Pagination-persistent grid selection taken into use.
  • Added feature to modify multifield labels.
  • Replaced CKEditor with Redactor X.
  • Automatic email added to warn about account deactivation.
  • Added ability to limit export presets for group-level privilege owners.
  • Average and median age of members was added to reports.
  • Added support for multiple languages in some custom emails.
  • Dropped Google Analytics in favour of Matomo.
  • Enabled issuing credit memos for selected invoices.
  • Added option to print and send reminders for selected invoices.
  • Allowed all clients to schedule roles.
  • Allowed changing order of roles on application form.


  • The ledger shows a send log for each invoice.
  • An automatic extra fee can be set for paper invoice recipients.
  • Event registrations can have a separate payer.
  • System can automatically add or remove a person from a group when paying a membership fee.
  • The administrator can activate the two-factor login in the system settings.
  • Event participants can register their participation in an event by using the QR code on their electronic membership card.
  • Data exports can be viewed under Settings > Logs > Export log.
  • An email will be sent to the applicant if the applicant provides an email address that is already present in the register.
  • When invoicing an event, you can select the desired registrants to whom the invoice will be sent.
  • If a new beneficiary is attached to the payer after the main invoice has been sent, this will only be taken into account in the following year's invoice to reduce separate invoices.
  • Credit memos take into account the VAT of the original invoice row.
  • The system suggests changing the preferred invoicing method if an e-mail address is added for the person.


  • Invoices for donation campaigns can also be sent as e-invoices.
  • If necessary, the application form can allow to select only one role.
  • In the main view, admin can filter out those who have not paid their membership fee in the current year.
  • Export presets are also available in the ledger.
  • Additional features have been added to the transfer of documents to the printing house: attachments can be included more flexibly.
  • The group admin can remove persons from the group.
  • The system can send payment reminders automatically.
  • An automatic birthday greeting can also be sent by SMS.
  • After two years of inactivity, members' login permission is removed automatically.


  • Export settings allow admin to define and save several presets. They can be used when exporting data to Excel.
  • In the event settings, admin can activate an automatic reminder message to be sent the day before the event starts and a message to be sent when the event is finished.
  • It is possible to activate an automatic birthday message to be sent to members.
  • Activity tab of the persons lists also events they have participated in.
  • SMS sending can be scheduled.
  • Application's accessibility has been improved.
  • New graphs have been added to the reporting.
  • E-invoicing was updated to use Finvoice 3.0 standard.
  • Ledger can be filtered to membership payment invoices.


  • Transaction import from banks has been renewed.
  • Integration settings have been moved to a separate view in Settings.
  • Admin can give people who are connected with each other the right to edit each other's information.
  • Reports section of the application has been redesigned.
  • Event registration can be restricted to logged-in users only.
  • Members who are able to log in can be given the right to see their own roles.
  • In ledger, you can search for invoices by invoice row text or additional information, and filter to those invoices that are unpaid.
  • If a reminder fee or interest is applied to invoices, these will also be taken into account in the ledger.
  • Business ID format is checked automatically.
  • Email log allows admin to copy the recipients, title and content of a previously sent message into a new message.


  • Quick search has been added to the top navigation bar. The search targets the same fields as the Text Search in Advanced Search.
  • Extra email addresses can be added in Settings, to be used as sender's email address for outgoing messages.
  • Multiple organizer email addresses can be entered for events.
  • New integrations
    • Sending e-invoices to private customers (B2C) is now possible.
    • WebServices: automated transaction imports from all major Finnish banks.
  • Attachments can be added to invoices or letters that are sent to printing house for printing and posting.
  • Credit memos can also be sent as e-invoices.
  • In addition to the default application form, parallel forms can be created, for example, for subscribing to a newsletter.
  • Improved security
    • more extensive logs and audit trails
    • viewing persons' information can be logged
  • Hint texts can be added to custom fields; you can also change the fields' settings and visibility.