Main development steps

Here's a short summary of major milestones in FloMembers.


  • Quick search has been added to the top navigation bar. The search targets the same fields as the Text Search in Advanced Search.
  • Extra email addresses can be added in Settings, to be used as sender's email address for outgoing messages.
  • Multiple organizer email addresses can be entered for events.
  • New integrations
    • Sending e-invoices to private customers (B2C) is now possible.
    • WebServices: automated transaction imports from all major Finnish banks.
  • Attachments can be added to invoices or letters that are sent to printing house for printing and posting.
  • Credit memos can also be sent as e-invoices.
  • In addition to the default application form, parallel forms can be created, for example, for subscribing to a newsletter.
  • Improved security
    • more extensive logs and audit trails
    • viewing persons' information can be logged
  • Hint texts can be added to custom fields; you can also change the fields' settings and visibility.

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