How can I select people for Excel export, stickers, or e-mail?

  1. First, search the people you want. You can run a search in several ways.

    • With the application's main view's filters, you can search for people, for example, by role or group. You can select multiple roles or groups at one time. If you select Filter list to: Members, the main view will only show those who have a member role.

  2. Once you have searched for the people you want, select them as follows:
    • If you want to select all the people you've searched for, click Use all results at the far right of the search results.
    • To select the people on a particular page, check the box on the left of the Name heading.
    • If you want to select only some people, use checkboxes next to their names.
  3. Once you have selected the people you want, choose an operation you want to execute with selected people, such as exporting data to Excel, printing stickers, or emailing. Select the operation from the left-hand menu:

    CREATE > Stickers

    CREATE > Excel


    SEND > Email

With the same logic, you can, for example, attach people you want to groups.

Email to selected people

If you want to send email to coincidental people who are not part of a specific group, go to Messages > Send Email and select the recipients you want in the Recipients field.

Email to applicants 

  1. Go to the application's main view.
  2. To filter the list, select the roles you want to send an email in the Roles menu. In this case, select Applicant.
  3. Click Use all results at the top right of the page. The system selects all these people.
  4. In the left navigation menu, click Send New Email. You can now write the e-mail. Field Recipients shows all the people who have an email set up.

Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to search for people by different search criteria, such as location or date of birth. You can also combine different search criteria.


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